3 Little-known Benefits of Smart Pressure Sensing Floor Mats

If you're a caregiver to an old parent or a sensitive patient who can't voluntarily move, then pressure sensing mats can be a relief to you and your patient because it gives you both some breathing space. A pressure sensing floor mat alarm alerts you to the activities of your resident patient, and it can be added to a bedside or doorway to help you tackle other tasks while keeping an eye on your patient.

Although there are many known benefits of a pressure sensing floor mat, here are some little-known benefits that you might be surprised to hear:

Doctor holding hand of an old patient

You Will Not Need To Stand At Attention

A pressure sensing floor mat indeed alerts you to the patient's movement and gives you breathing room to manage other tasks. You can give them space to do what they like without standing on your feet or within hearing distance of your resident patient.

Although they're not reliable for safety-related applications, they are an excellent apparatus to alert you about the movement and take responsibility when an alarm goes off, and prevent further injury from falls.

Better Alternative Than Physical Restraints

Bed alarms or floor alarms are now classified under the CMS as restraints if they make a sound near the resident. These restraints are now used when strictly medically necessary and must be reevaluated for use.

They are better than the cruel physical restraints that might injure patients who sleepwalk during the night. They are a humane way of treating patients but still must be reevaluated for use to respect the rights of freedom if the patient has full use of their mental faculties.

Prevents Slipping

There is a chance that patients might injure themselves when they slip on the floor, but asmart pressure sensing floor mat has a strong cotton pile and heavy-duty rubber at the bottom that won't slip out from under your patient's feet. If they get up to use the bathroom at night, you'll be alerted to their movement, and the mat will also prove as a barrier between the smooth floor that will help them get their bearings before they step on the floor.

Doctor checking pulse of an old patient

Buy Smart Pressure Sensing Floor Mat For Your Facility

If you run a care facility or are currently caring for a patient, apressure sensing floor mat can help make your job easier and give some breathing room to your patient as well. You can also pair that with a bed leaving sensor, chair leaving sensor, and motion sensor to help keep an eye on your patient and prevent slips, falls, or injuries.

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