Below are printable and downloadable instruction manuals for our various products.

Base Station Download Instructions [updated 2021]

Bed Pressure Mat Download Instructions 

Bed Pressure Mat - Download Quickstart Guide

Bed Occupancy Sensor Download Instructions 

Bleeper Pager Download Instructions [updated 2021]

Chair Pressure Mat Download Instructions

Convulsion Sensor (for nurse call systems) - Download Instructions

Convulsion Sensor (wireless) - Download Instructions

Easy Press Touch Sensitive Call Button Download Instructions

Fall Sensor Watch - Download Instructions

One Button Emergency Phone with GPS Tracker -Download Instructions

Floor Pressure Mat - Download Instructions

Changing the batteries in wireless floor pressure mat transmitter

Motion Sensor for Nurse Call Systems Download Instructions

Text Pager Download Instructions

Wireless Doorbell - Download Instructions

Wireless Door Sensor - Download Instructions

Wireless Motion Sensor - Download Instructions

Wireless Pendant - Download Instructions