Sensors and pressure mats to monitor those in care.
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How Are Wireless Nurse Call Systems Used In Nursing Homes?

Care assist systems hold high potential for enhancing patient well-being in nursing homes and nursing facilities by decreasing emergency response times and focusing on patient safety. Traditionally nurse call systems used to rely on the patients to summon them for assistance. However, with wireless nurse call systems, patients who can’t consciously or actively engage with the system can now get timely nursing treatment. The system has also been successful in preventing hazardous situations resulting from fall injuries and has enhanced emergency response procedures in many care facilities across the globe. Here’s how nurse call systems are changing patients’ lives and improving their...

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Everything You Need To Know About Nursing Home Alert Trackers

As of 2022, the 65+ population in the UK represents 19% of the total population, and this number is steadily rising. The rising population statistics lead to increased costs and the need for more healthcare facilities due to the chronic conditions and frailty affecting older individuals. As most people prefer to age in their own homes, the development of in-home care assist devices plays an active role in helping elderly citizens stay independent and healthy. However, with degenerative dementia conditions, many seek long-term care at dementia care facilities. With the advent and widely accepted integration of technology in nursing care facilities, care assist...

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How Useful Are Toilet Alarms?

The use of care assist devices used to be perceived as expensive and a waste of time by many individuals. However, due to the wide acceptance of technology and its integration into our daily lives, more and more older adults are now adopting alarming devices that play a key role in preventing fall injuries in elderly and disabled individuals. On average, around the world, 1.6 falls per bed are observed by attendants in nursing homes and clinical settings. Therefore, the use of bed alarms and toilet alarms can prove useful in preventing falls when the older adults are out of their...

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3 Care Alert Devices That Can Be Helpful For Bedridden Patients

Installing a care alert system or care alert devices can be a smart move in caring for a bedridden patient. This way you can be ready in case of emergencies. A good system or alert device has to make it easy for your patient to ask for help or to help themselves while they’re alone. This way you’ll have some peace of mind to do chores and grocery runs in and out of the house. While the market is saturated with many care alert products but the most ideal is the one that’ll help your patient ask for help without...

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3 Ways Care Alert Devices Are Assisting Home Carers

Care alert devices have revolutionised home care and nursing facility with their discrete and less invasive monitoring systems. As home carers for an elderly parent or grandparent, we try to do our best for them and make sure they’re comfortable in their home environment. At the same time, we also want to make sure that we take all the safety precautions to maintain their well-being. Here are some ways care alert devices are assisting in-home care these days: Bed Alarms For Dementia Patients To Manage Wandering Symptoms Dementia patients become difficult to take care of at home as the disease progresses....

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