Sensors and pressure mats to monitor those in care.
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Bed Occupancy Sensors

Our unique air sensitive system provides a safe and reliable way of monitoring those in care. 



The air pressure mats are highly sensitive and detect the change in air pressure as a patient gets out of a chair or bed or presses a call button. By using air pressure the system reduces false alarms and unlike some other products mats can be placed under mattresses or cushions for a more discreet and comfortable sensor.

The Airlert mats use the same technology as self-inflating camping mats. Inside a layer of foam expands as weight comes up off the mat. This sucks in air which is measured by the control box and once a certain pattern of pressure has been detected the sensor alerts.

The Air-sensitive Airlert system inflates naturally on it's own over time. 

The Airlert sensor detects subtle variations in pressure change and only alarms when a certain level of pressure has been reached. Patients can roll around on the bed or chair without false alarms.


  • Less false alarms
  • No loss in comfort
  • No electronics inside the mat
  • Mats are waterproof
  • Bed mats are full length
  • Bed mats can be positioned under the mattress
  • Mats are virtually indestructible