Sensors and pressure mats to monitor those in care.
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Fall Alerts


We offer a range of products to detect when a person has fallen, so that help can be provided as quickly as possible. 

Please see the two scenarios below to help choose the right product. 

The person has no memory problem.

In this scenario, a fall sensor watch may be suitable. 

The fall sensor watch will detect heavy falls (i.e. a fall which renders the person unconscious). It won't detect low impact falls - for example, a person sliding down the wall. Fall sensors are important for the elderly to help prevent any falls and get instant help if needed.

There is a built-in call button that the person should always press if they fall and are able. Buy the best elderly monitoring systems at Frequency Precision today to stay safe.

The person has a memory problem (e.g. dementia)

In this scenario, a fall sensor watch may not be effective. This is because the person may not remember to press the call button if they have fallen. It is also possible that the watch could be removed or not carried. 

A not returned to bed sensor mat with a 20-minute timer will raise an alarm automatically if the person is out of their bed for more than 20 minutes.

If a person gets up in the night to use the toilet, an alert won't be generated unless they don't return to bed within 20 minutes.