Mobile Software

Base Station 

Please follow the link below to download the software for your base station. 


Click here if you are using an Android Device(new version released January 2021)

The software is only compatible with Android version 8.1 (release date 5th December 2017) and above

If you are upgrading from the old version, please follow these steps:

Remove the IOT station app from your device.

Install the new version by clicking the link above or search "IOTstation" (include the quotation marks) in the Google Play Store.

For some phones, you will need to allow the app to run in the background. To do this, press and hold the app icon, then click app info, then click power management and make sure you have selected "allow app to run in the background".

Click here if you are using an iOS Device 


Once you have downloaded the app:

Connect the base station to your Internet router using the supplied cable. 

Wait for the blue light to come on.

Open the app, and click  "add existing IOT station" and follow the steps.