Our Story

Our story began in a shed in Devon where Frequency Precision's founder, Doug Dwyer, was a busy inventor. His mother was living in a nursing home so he made a pager system so she could call for assistance easily.

This got him thinking: how could he make a better, more discreet way to monitor people at risk whilst still retaining their privacy? His mother developed dementia and wasn't aware of the risks of getting up out of bed without assistance.

So Doug decided to make a sensor to detect getting out of bed, one that would go under the mattress and be discreet so that his mother wouldn't notice it. He did it using air pressure.

The system we use today is called Airlert and uses the same principles as that original mat. It is used by thousands of people in private homes, care homes and hospitals around the country. Our customers tell us it's the most reliable and easy to use sensor on the market.