Two elderly people holding hands over a table

About Frequency Precision

Here at Frequency Precision we are specialists in telecare for hospitals, nursing homes and home carers. We design and manufacture Sensors and Pressure Mats to monitor those in care.

For the past thirty-five years, we have been manufacturing products across the field and have developed a name for our user-friendly sensors and pagers and excellent customer service. Our products alert carers when an individual leaves a bed, a chair, a room or a home. This can give people increased freedom, alerting the carer only when necessary. Our products are the best assistive care alert devices. Very popular with those caring for people with dementia. Available in two variations: For your existing call system or with our wireless pager systemOur products also include various types of hospital bed alarms that are extremely useful when a patient is confined to a bed.

Augustinian Care Case Study

"I'm on my feet nine hours a day and the last thing I need is to be rushing to the sensors all the time, and I’m not. It’s very reliable and it makes my day a lot easier."  

Andy Dunn - Augustinian Care - Bed, Chair & Floor sensors.

Aerial view of Augustinian Care home