Fall Sensor Watch & Pager Set

Fall Sensor Watch

Order Code: FW-KIT


  • Waterproof - can be used in the bath or shower. 
  • Built-in call button. 
  • Automatically detects heavy falls. 
  • Raises an alert even if you can't. 
  • Will work up to 200m from the Text Pager. 
  • Ideal for use in the the home and garden. 

Product Description

The fall sensor watch will detect heavy falls (i.e. a fall which renders the person unconscious). Common with other fall sensor watches, it won't detect low impact falls - for example, a person sliding down the wall. 

There is a built-in call button that the person should always press if they fall and are able. 

If the person has a memory problem (e.g. dementia) and might not remember to press the button, consider a 'not returned to bed sensor' which will alert you automatically if a person does not return to bed within 20 minutes. 


Text Pager

  • Vibration, flash and beeping alert.
  • Protective rubber case included.
  • Can be carried by carer around the house.
  • One month battery life
  • 1 x AAA alkaline battery included

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