Wireless Base Station for Mobile Phone Alerts

Order Code: IOT

This small box connects to your home Internet router and will transmit messages from any of our wireless products to your mobile phone. 

Product Description

Wireless Base Station  

Supplied with two 1.8m cables:

  • Cable for the Internet connection. One end is plugged into the base station and the other end is plugged into your Internet router. 
  • The power cable connects the base station into a mains socket. 


The base station receives messages from the door sensor and sends these to a free mobile phone app. 




Mobile Phone App

  • This can be downloaded from our website and is free to use on as many mobile phones as needed. 
  • It will receive messages from the base station (provided the mobile phone has a data connection) from anywhere. 
  • Keeps a record of when sensors have been activated and display low battery alerts when the sensor batteries need to be changed. 


    Download user guide