Convulsion Sensor Mat for Nurse Call Systems

Pressure-sensitive epilepsy monitor to alert to an epileptic seizure. 


  • Works with all beds and mattresses. Sensor mat (198cm x 63cm) goes under the bed mattress so no loss of comfort
  • Even works underneath airflow pressure relieving mattresses.
  • The control box contains a dial to adjust the sensitivity:

Compatible with almost any nurse call system including:

  • Medicare
  • Courtney-Thorne
  • Aidcall
  • C-Tec
  • Intercall
  • Quantec 

Customer Reviews

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Very good product

This sensor is by far the best we've used, with very few false alarms. It is the only sensor that we have found where the sensitivity can be fined tuned to allow the client to move around in bed without setting it off, yet still activate when they're having a seizure. Thank you!

Product Description

Order Code: XMM 

The Convulsion monitor uses an Airlert™ Bed Pressure Mat to detect excessive movement of an individual whilst in bed. The system is designed to sense movement typical of a tonic-clonic (the whole body shaking) epileptic seizure. 

We will supply a matching lead that will plug straight into your existing nurse call system. Just select your model of nurse call system from the drop down list. 

    • Control box comes supplied with 2 x AA batteries.
    • 30-day money back guarantee. 

    Convulsion Sensor Mat Instructions & Specification


    This product is not a medical device and is not intended to be used for diagnosis or monitoring of disease. It is intended to be used as a care assist product.