Wireless Floor Pressure Mat & Pager Set

Product Code: APMF-KIT

Know the moment someone steps out of bed or through a doorway with our wireless floor pressure mat & bleeper pager. 

The floor pressure mat can be placed next to the bed and will send an alert to the pager which can be carried by a caregiver around the home. 

This can be used to prevent falls and wandering in the elderly and those with dementia.

Customer Reviews

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P Williams
Does the job!

Overall a good product. We have used this next to my mother's bed and for a few months it worked fine. If used on a carpet (especially a thick carpet) stepping on the mat causes the area under the foot to get compressed and over time this seems to lead to the mat becoming unreliable as it is impossible to keep flat since stepping on it will by definition cause the area under the foot to be temporarily creased as it would a thick carpet. Wouldn't happen on a hard floor, or underneath the carpet where I suspect these mats were originally designed to be used. It does the job, but if used intensely it will unlikely last more than about 3 months. The mat can be replaced relatively cheaply if needed.

Thank you for your review. Please accept our apolgies for such a long delay in replying. This is due to display errors on our old website.

The floor mats have a one year manufacturing guarantee and if you contact us about any failure within the first year of use, we will replace the mat under warranty. The mat needs to be covered with a protective barrier mat' which would help with the amount of depression of the sensor mat due to weight. Indeed, if you purchase the sensor mat with our supplied barrier mat, the warranty period is extended to 2 years.

Simon Dalton
Fast delivery and good product

The product was exactly as shown in the video. We use it next to my mothers bed and it was very easy to set up.

Michelle P
Fantastic service

I needed a safety product for my Mum who often gets up in the night due to pain. She will often go downstairs or get in a hot bath (to ease pain) whilst my Dad is sleeping (he doesn’t hear her and she doesn’t like to wake him!). She has been in hospital for 2 weeks with various complications and is very muddled some of the time now and unsteady on her feet. She became ready for discharge but my dad was scared to have her home due to her night time wandering. I spoke with both James and his colleague who were amazing in describing how each product worked for our situation which helped me choose the pressure mat. I needed it urgently. It was ordered around 2pm, was delivered at 9.20am the next day and up and running by 9.30am! It’s so refreshing to deal with a company that does exact what they say! Thank you!

Product Description

The pager is completely wireless and will bleep, flash and vibrate when a person steps on the mat. The wireless range is up to 100m, so it is perfect for use around the home. 

Mat Features

  • 3 meter lead to connect to the transmitter box. 
  • Mats are hand-glued and hard-wearing
  • Size 560mm X 720mm (22 inches x 28 inches)


  • Anti-slip base mat included - grips well to any surface to ensure the mat says put:


An optional barrier mat will provide a protective layer and prolong the life of the floor pressure mat:


    Transmitter box

    • Supplied with 2 x AAA batteries (battery life up to 12 months). 
    • Test button.
    • Wireless range: Up to 200m in average conditions. 


    • Supplied with AAA battery (battery life up to 8 weeks). 
    • Vibrates, flashes and beeps when a person steps on the mat. 
    • Simple to use. 

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