Case Study - Augustinian Care

Case Study - Augustinian Care

"I'm on my feet nine hours a day and the last thing I need is to be rushing to the sensors all the time, and I’m not. It’s very reliable and it makes my day a lot easier."  

Andy Dunn - Augustinian Care - Bed, Chair & Floor sensors.

Andy Dunn is a maintenance technician for Augustian Care. He looks after St Rita's, one of the three homes on the site, St Rita’s, St Clare’s and St Mary’s. All the sites use our equipment. We talked to Andy about his experience using our sensors.


  • 3 care homes,
  • 180 residents ranging from 70 to 100+ years old,
  • Homes have existing call systems,
  • Homes use Bed, Chair & Floor sensors,

The Homes

Between the homes there are 180 residents ranging from seventy to over one hundred years old. All three homes have been using the Bed, Chair and Floor sensors for over two years. The sensors are used with the existing call system, alerting the carers via their handsets. St Rita’s has the original call system from when the home was built ten years ago. The Frequency Precision sensors plug straight into the original call point on the wall.

False Alarms

"We really have no false alarms apart from if a resident is fidgeting a lot in a chair. The equipment doesn’t give out false alarms. We’ve been using the equipment for long enough to know that if the bell goes off, it’s gone off for a reason."

Bed, Chair or Floor

"The nursing staff decide which equipment the residents require. If the resident is prone to falling out of their chair they’ll be given a Chair mat. If they just want to know if when the get up in the night, or if they are a risk of falling out of bed, they will be given a Bed sensor. We also use the Floor mats in a lot of different ways. If you put it in front of the bathroom door it will alert you to them using the bathroom, positioned next to the bedroom door it will alert the staff to someone leaving their room."


"I’m not forever going around changing batteries. They can go off 10-20 times a day and the battery life holds up very well. I change the batteries every 6 months just to be on the safe side but they aren’t flat when I change them."

Overall Opinion of the Equipment

"I would describe it as good quality and it’s reliable. I’m not getting called to it every two minutes. I could be rushed off my feet nine hours a day and the last thing I need is to be rushing to them all the time and I’m not. It’s very rare the staff will call me and tell me that ones failed. It’s very reliable and it makes my day a lot easier."