For Care Homes and Hospitals

Why choose Airlert®?

Using Airlert Technology, our bed leaving sensor has a number of unique advantages over other products on the market.

Our bed sensor mat will activate the nurse call system or pager when a person gets out of bed. 

There is nothing inside the mat except for air which means that it will last for years and can be placed underneath the bed mattress. It even works underneath pressure relieving airflow mattresses. 

The mat is connected to a sensor box with a small tube. Using Airlert technology, the sensor box will detect a change in air pressure within the mat as the person begins to get out of bed, making the sensor fast to react.  


Benefits over a traditional pressure mat:

  • Long-lasting - the sensor mat contains nothing except air making it extremely durable.
  • Reliable - the sensor mat covers entire area of the bed, reducing false alarms. 
  • No trip hazards around the bed. 
  • Faster response time because the sensor box detects reducing air pressure within the mat as the person begins to get up. 
  • Discrete - the mat is hidden from view, placed underneath the mattress. 
  • Reduced engineer call outs because of the simple design and five year battery life. 

The same Airlert Technology is used in a number of our sensors, including bed pressure mats, chair pressure mats, convulsion sensor mats & touch sensitive nurse call buttons


If you have an existing call system the most inexpensive option is to integrate our sensors with your existing call system:

Our sensors are also available as part of our wireless paging system

Wireless Paging System