Bed Occupancy Sensor for Telecare Systems

Our patented sensor detects the presence of breathing and heart pulses to determine whether a bed is occupied. 

The Airlert™ Bed Occupancy Sensor continuously signals whether a bed is occupied. The full-length mat is positioned under the mattress to detect the presence of the occupant on any part of the bed. 

Product Description

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What's it used for?

The Bed Occupancy Sensor is most commonly used where an alert is needed if a person gets out of bed in the night and then doesn't get back into bed within a preset period of time. 

This could indicate that they have fallen and are in need of help. 

The Bed Occupancy Sensor raises an alert if a person doesn't return to bed within a preset period of time. 

How does it work?

The air pressure mat is placed under the mattress and is connected to a control box. The system will detect the presence of the occupant on any part of the bed by signals through the mattress. 


What's inside?

The bed pressure mat is supplied to plug into your existing telecare system. It consists of a rolled-up full-length foam mat and a battery-powered control box. These plug together using the black air tube. There is also a matched lead to connect into your telecare system. 

Designed with simplicity and reliability in mind

The bed occupancy system is fully adaptable and so can work under all mattresses including those that are traditionally considered difficult for sensors to work with:

- Airflow Pressure Relieving Mattresses

- Profiling Beds

- Domestic Mattresses 


The control box is powered by 2 x AA batteries which can last up to two years without needing to be changed. 


When used with a remote monitoring solution, such as a Tunstall dialler, a typical setup would be to connect the control box to a Tunstall Universal Sensor. This will indicate to the dialler whether the bed is occupied. The Tunstall dialler will then call for assistance if the bed is unoccupied after a preset delay. 


The system can be hidden from sight by fixing the control box to the underside of the bed frame:


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