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Door Sensor and Bleeper Pager Set

Door Sensor and Bleeper Pager Set

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This set comes complete with a pager and linked wireless door sensor. 

Order Code: DS-KIT

The Bleeper Pager allows a carer to monitor the opening of a door or window whilst on the move around a home. The pager is designed to be very easy to use with only one button. Wirelessly connected, it beeps, vibrates and flashes to alert the carer within the range of an average house and garden.

This compact door sensor runs for several months on one battery and can be positioned in a couple of minutes to provide a very subtle way of monitoring when a door or window is opened. 


The sensor contains a useful sliding switch to turn it off and on.

The two items come wirelessly connected and ready to go.

The set includes:

  • Red Bleeper Pager with AAA battery (includes a belt clip and lanyard).
  • Door sensor with battery.
  • Double sided sticky tabs to attach sensor to door. 

The Red Bleeper Pager will flash, beep (alert tone loudness 85db at 10cm) and vibrate. It will receive signals from the door sensor within a range of about 100m. 



Need more than one door sensor in the same house?


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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review Give us a rating

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