One Button Emergency Phone with GPS Tracker

Pendant alarm with SOS button

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wonderful gadget

I got this for my mother who is 90 and can't work a mobile phone but still wants to travel on the train between her 5 children around the UK.
It was absolutely wonderful for us all to keep in touch with her on these journeys - especially as they are often delayed or cancelled!
We are all 100% delighted.
can't recommend it strongly enough
and huge thanks to the team for setting it up for us.

Excellent product, excellent support, excellent experience

This company provides people with what they actually need, which shows a rare understanding of the lives of the people who use their products. The person I spoke to the second time (?Michael) was outstanding and really made a difference to the life of my elderly mother through his compassion and knowledge of the product. Thank you !

Poor microphone, otherwise good device

I would not recommend this for anyone who might struggle talking loudly and clearly into the device. The microphone is not nearly as good as on an ordinary phone’s loudspeaker setting and I found I either had to have the microphone right up to my mouth or talk very loudly and clearly, neither of which would be possible for me in a crisis situation due to my condition. I found this very disappointing as otherwise the device would have been ideal for my needs: small and compact, and with the functionality for calls to be made into the button, which other similar devices lack. I hope the manufacturers might improve the quality of the microphone in the future as I have been unable to find anything equal to this device in its other aspects. If either speech or moving the button to the mouth are not a difficulty for the user then I would recommend it. We found the customer service from Frequency Precision was generally good.

Michael Higgins
Excellent gadget with fantastic customer service

The difference between this company and the others that we looked at was that they installed the SIM, activated it and programmed the numbers for us. This makes the world of difference and the device literally arrived fully charged and ready to use. All my mother has to do is press the button. Impressive service

Great product

Great little product, hoping it'll give us some reassurance.... Also hoping we won't have to use it!

Product Description


  • One touch SOS button

Pressing the SOS button will call your chosen contacts and open a two-way voice conversation hands-free. 

  • Location updates

The device location can be viewed using a free mobile phone app. 

  • Audio

Two-way voice communication available in loud speaker mode. Contacts can dial into the device allowing immediate communication with the user. 

  • Fully set up with your chosen numbers

The device is supplied with the SIM card installed and your chosen numbers added. 

  • No contracts or subscriptions

The Pay As You Go SIM card is pre-loaded with £30 credit which can be used up over 12 months. Calls from the device cost 1p per minute. 

When you place your order you will be emailed a setup form to add your required numbers.  We can then set up your device ready for you to use straight from the box.

If at any time you want to change these numbers this can be done via the app.

How does it work?

    • Pressing the SOS button for 5 seconds will cause the pendant to dial up to 3 numbers in a cycle until one of the numbers picks up. 
      • The pendant has a built-in speaker and microphone, allowing you to have a 2-way conversation. 

      The SIM card is provided by 1pmobile and uses EE's network which has excellent UK coverage. 

      Calls cost 1p per minute and text messages cost 1p per text. 

      The device also uses approximately 40mb of data per month (40p). 

      The location of the device can be viewed using a free smartphone app which can be installed on an unlimited number of phones. 


      How long does the battery last?

      The battery will last for about 24 hours. It is supplied with a magnetic charger and USB cable (plug not included). 


      Fall Sensor

      • Built in accelerometer can be used to automatically detect falls - this feature can be turned on or off using the smartphone app. 
      • Adjustable sensitivity from 0 to 6.

      Other details

      • Weight 41g.
      • Battery life 1 day. 
      • Charge time 1.5 - 2 hours (supplied with USB charging cable).
      • Low battery alerts sent to main contact. 
      • Size: 59(L)*45.3(W)*16(H)mm

      Safety Information

      User Manual