Sensor Case and Rap Straps


A Rubber Case with adjustable straps and wall fixing plate for the sensor control box.


  • Easily removable and replaceable
  • Washable with all types of cleaning products
  • Protects screen, buttons and sockets
  • Different colour options
  • has various slots for strap fittings
  • comes with one set of Rapstraps
  • comes with wall plate to screw box to wall or surface.

Product Description

The handy rubber case not only protects your sensor control box but it also allows it to be attached to the leg of a chair of bed or to a wall or surface. The Rapstraps  allow for an infinite number of configurations making this a very versatile way of keeping you box safely out of harms way. The thick rubber protects the unit from shock and the metal plate allows it to be screwed in place.


Using the wall plate

To attach to a wall or surface use the metal fixing plate.

Use screws (not provided) to attach to screw through the plate and the rubber case into a wall or surface.

Insert the control box into the fixed rubber case.

Using the Rapstraps

Wrap-straps are a bit like cable ties but are stretchy and can easily be removed and re-attached.



Split the straps into two by dividing them down the middle.

Thread them through the openings on the back of the case and then around a chair or bed leg. Finally thread the strap back through itself.

To take the strap off simple thread the end back through the same hole.