Wireless Bed Pressure Mat (Requires Pager)

There is nothing inside the Airlert bed sensor except for a layer of air filled foam. The mat is placed underneath the bed mattress and even works underneath pressure relieving airflow mattresses. 

 LUsing Airlert technology, the sensor will detect a change in air pressure within the mat as the person begins to get out of bed, making the sensor fast to react.  

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Our nurses love this system

Very easy to install and excellent customer service. The pagers can be set to vibrate only at night, which is useful. We would definitely recommend.

Product Description

  • Each sensor will send a unique message to the pager(s). Staff can read the message on the pager and so know which bed to respond to.
  • We will programme the messages before we send out your order, enabling you to create an instant, reliable fall prevention system. The messages can be changed if needed and we can provide you with instructions on how to do this. 
  • The pager(s) will receive messages from the sensors within a range of about 100 meters. You can add a wireless range extender if needed.
  • The system can be added to at any time, without any technical knowledge. 



"After a year of constant use our unit showed a 12% reduction in falls and we won an award for for patient safety."

Kerri McManus, Ward Sister – Countess Mountbatten Hospice – NHS 

This product does not include a pager. 

You can add the required number of sensors to the shopping cart and then add one or more text pagers separately. 


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