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Wireless Door Sensors

Wireless Door Sensors

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Product Code: DS (door sensor) / APAG (pager)

Any number of doors inside a building can be monitored using one or more battery powered wireless door sensors.

Each door sensor will send a unique message to one or more text pagers. Staff will know which door has opened by reading the message on the pager(s).

You can select the number of door sensors and pagers required.


We can programme each door sensor with your required messages (e.g. room1, room 6 etc.) - please leave a note at the checkout. These messages can be changed later and we can provide you with instructions on how to do this. 


  • Works with both doors and windows.

  • The door sensor itself is silent. Opening the door will send an alert to the pager.
  • Each door sensor can be programmed with your required message ("front door open", "flat 1" etc.).

  • The door sensor contains a useful sliding switch to turn it on and off.

  • CR3032 button battery included (typical battery life up to 6 months if 20 activation's per day).

  • Door sensor supplied with double-sided adhesive sticky pads, for easy installation. 


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