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Wireless Relay for Nurse Call Systems

Wireless Relay for Nurse Call Systems

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Connect multiple wireless sensors to a single nurse call point in a bedroom

Order Code: RELAY

  • Wireless relay plugs into nurse call bell socket. 
  • Linked to one or more wireless sensors. 
  • Allows wireless sensor to activate existing nurse call system. 

The wireless relay is mains powered and supplied with a 3-pin plug. It is also supplied with a cable to plug into the call bell socket. 

Typical applications:

- The chair in the bedroom is located on the opposite side of the room to the call point. A wireless chair sensor can be linked to the relay and will trigger the nurse call system. 

- The resident needs to have a wireless pendant on them when they walk around their bedroom or to the en suite toilet. 

- The resident is at high risk of falls and needs a fall sensor watch. If a fall is detected, the nurse call system will activated in the same way as when the call bell is pressed. 


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