How Assistive Care Devices Help With Elderly Care And Mobility

Technology has made people more connected with the world around them. And the revolution in assistive care devices has made it possible for the elderly to spend their last years in a comfortable and familiar environment. These devices have also made it easier for home carers to provide quality care for their loved ones while managing their own lives.

If you’re looking for such kinds of assistive care devices for your loved ones or nursing home, here are some of the best devices that can help you with elderly care and mobility:

Chair Pressure Mats For Nurse Call Systems And Pager Alerts

Assistive care devices are beneficial for both home carers and nursing homes. This device can help you monitor your loved ones and elderly patients who can’t walk properly on their own and require a wheelchair. This wheelchair can be your ordinary wheelchair or an automatic wheelchair that allows your loved one or patient to control it through button controls.

So, if you wish to protect your elderly from further injuries from falling from the chair, the chair pressure mat can help send an alert to your pager or nurse call system. This way, you can help them get back up or get them emergency care if needed.

Bed Pressure Mat Alarm For Alzheimer’s Patients

Often patients with mobility issues try to sit in a wheelchair or use crutches on their own to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. However, due to disorientation, they may trip, slip, or fall and sustain injuries.

So, this device can alert you if your elderly patient has not been able to get back into bed. It tracks the movement of air in the mattress and senses when someone has left the bed and has not returned after some time. You can check with your device provider regarding the time and can have it programmed based on your preferences.

a bed pressure mat with sensor

Wireless Bedside Nurse Call Points For Bedridden Patients

If you’re taking care of an individual who has been prescribed bed rest or caring for bedridden elderly patients in a nursing home, wireless bedside nurse call points are one of the best options. These devices can be attached to the side of the patient’s bed. This will make it easier for them to call you or an attendant on call for assistance.

a pressure-sensitive call button with a sensor

Get One Of The Best Assistive Care Devices For Your Elderly Patients

Now that you know some of the best assistive care devices to help you with elderly care and patients with mobility issues, you can choose the right device for the elderly loved ones well-being. At Frequency Precision, we have a collection of assistive devices that can help you and your loved ones.

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