How Can Assistive Care Devices Help The Elderly Manage Their Health Problems

Assistive care devices have been playing a pivotal role in patient care and in-home care for the elderly for the past decade. These allow you to care for your elderly whether they’re travelling in the city for some errands, staying alone at home, or staying in the same home as you. They’re also helping nursing homes provide better care for them with discrete monitoring and quick responses to emergencies.

Here are some assistive care devices that are helping the elderly manage their health problems and age-related issues:

Bed Alarms For Dementia Patients

Dementia patients can be difficult to take care of and handle as their condition degenerates. So, you must learn to calm them down when they become agitated with the simplest of tasks and limit their frustration with their condition. This may require you to make a timetable for them, take care of their grooming, and meal times, and also discrete monitoring to prevent fall injuries or other injuries. That’s why bed leaving alarms are such a great assistive care device.

Dementia patients can become prone to wandering. So, if they leave their bed or experience a fall out of the bed, the bed leaving sensor can alert you if they never came back in a certain time. That way you can check on their well-being.

Wireless Convulsion Sensor Mats For Epilepsy Patients

A seizure can be experienced by anyone, either due to medical reasons or health reasons. However, if you’re taking care of an elderly who goes through epileptic seizures, you may need to stay with that person until the seizure ends and they’re fully awake. However, this can become difficult for you as a home carer if you’re not there in their room while you’re sleeping.

This is where wireless convulsion alarms can help. These alarms can detect tonic-clonic seizures and alert you through pagers or mobile phone apps. The pagers and mobile phone notifications have to be loud enough to wake you up. So, you should check on this with your device provider.

Pressure Sensitive Mat Alarms For Elderly Patients

Another great device is the pressure-sensitive mat alarm. This device can be placed on doorways, bedsides etc. to monitor and prevent further injuries from falls. These sensors cannot prevent the fall from the bed itself but can prevent exacerbating the injuries due to lack of monitoring.

So, once your elderly put pressure on the mat, it sends an alert to your selected method of alert, and you can then go check on them.

a bed pressure mat with a convulsion sensor

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