How Can You Help Epilepsy Patients At Home

Epilepsy can be different for every person because the severity and nature of the seizure vary. So, each patient may require different care. One of the factors affecting the course of the condition is the age of the person. Younger and elderly loved ones may need more care and attention rather than young adults or grown adults.

The care also depends on the kind of epileptic condition your loved one has because some individuals don’t have seizures very often, and some may only require help during the seizures. Whatever the situation, seizures are unpredictable and if your loved one is going through this condition, here are some devices that can help you:

Wireless Convulsion Sensor Mat For Epileptic Patients

There are many kinds of seizures. Some seizures are silent, which causes the patients to lose consciousness, while some seizures may be tonic-clonic with lost consciousness accompanied by violent convulsions. In this condition, wireless convulsion sensor mats are just the assistive care device you need.

As a home caregiver, you might be involved in managing the household, and taking care of yourself and other people in the home while also caring for your epileptic loved one. So, it can be difficult for you to pay attention and be at their side all the time.

This device is based on a pressure-sensitive mat that checks the changes in air pressure caused by convulsions. So, if your loved one is having a seizure, the sensor will sound an alert on your pager. This will alert you to rush to their bedroom and hold them so they don’t fall out of bed and sustain injuries.

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Wireless Bedside Nurse Call Points Or Call Buttons For Bedridden Patients

Moreover, if you’re taking care of an epileptic elderly patient with mobility issues, a wireless bedside call point can immensely help you and your loved one. This can help them reach out to you in case of assistance or a health emergency. This device is installed with a pressure-sensitive call button connected to a pager. So, when your elderly press this button for assistance, like going to the bathroom or asking for a glass of water, you can get to their side when alerted by the loud alarm on the pager.

Fall-Proofing The Living Space

Another thing you can do to make sure they’re safe is by proofing the apartments for hazards. Patients with seizures can lose control of their bodies and often fall. This may cause injuries when they hit glass tables, sharp edges, or the tip of an object that can fall on them. So, fall-proofing the living space should be on your priority list.

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Get One Of The Best Convulsion Sensor Mat Alarms For Your Loved Ones

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Our devices can be used by home care and nursing homes to provide the best patient care. Get in touch with us to learn more about our alert tracker for a nursing home, pressure-sensitive mat alarms, and floor mat alarms for the elderly.