Sensors and pressure mats to monitor those in care.
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Floor Pressure Mats

Our floor pressure mats are ideal for use with elderly patients or patients with dementia, special needs or those cared for at home. Easy to install and operate, these mats act as an effective monitoring system to help ensure patient safety, whether it’s managing the risk of falls or preventing wandering.

Affordable Smart Pressure Sensing Floor Mats for The Elderly

People often face problems finding affordable and reliable sensors and pagers for elderly patients. We manufacture a premium quality range of products that helps to alert a caregiver whenever an elderly patient leaves their bed. Our Smart and CordLess Bed Sensor pads are effective and efficient for people with dementia or other mental ailments. Buy high-quality smart pressure sensing floor mats and Alzheimer’s bed floor mats at the most reasonable rates from us today.

"The most reliable and durable floor pressure mats on the market."

Know the moment someone steps out of bed or through a doorway. Our durable floor pressure mat sensor reliably detects someone treading onto the mat.

The floor sensor mat includes:

  • Anti-slip base
  • Hard wearing design
  • One year guarantee

Floor pressure mats for nurse call systems from £69 each + VAT

Floor pressure mat kits for nurse call systems with carpeted covering mat & splitter plug from £103 each + VAT


Single wireless floor pressure mat with bleeper pager £ 172.76 + VAT

Multiple wireless floor pressure mats with text pager from £250 + VAT



How to use a floor pressure mat

The pressure mat should be placed in a convenient spot on the floor, such as the base of a bed or in front of a chair. The pressure mat alarm will then be activated when the patient steps out of the bed or chair and applies pressure to the mat. The monitor unit will then be activated, alerting the carer that the patient is moving around, allowing them to attend to them before falls or wandering occur. 

Our pressure mats are incredibly durable and reliable, giving peace of mind to caregivers in a home or clinical setting. For more pressure mats, why not take a look at our selection of bed pressure mats and chair pressure mats