Try out our fall prevention sensors in the showroom at Fortuna Mobility

Frequency Precision is pleased to announce that we have partnered with Fortuna Mobility. Fortuna Mobility Centre is London’s largest mobility showroom, shop and training centre, based in Enfield.

Reducing falls risk with sensor technology

The Airlert bed leaving sensor is the perfect addition to the range of profiling beds and mattresses offered by Fortuna. Our unique Airlert technology means that the bed sensor mat will adjust to the profile of the bed and even works underneath airflow pressure relieving mattresses.

The battery operated sensor is designed to reduce the risk of falls by alerting a carer when someone gets out of bed. 

The Airlert chair leaving sensor works perfectly with Fortuna’s high back chairs and popular riser recliners.

The chair pressure mat can be placed on top or underneath the seat cushion and will detect a person sliding out of the chair or standing up. 

The alerts are sent to a small pager that can be carried by the carer around the house. 

Wireless technology 

In fact, our full range of products can be tried in their showroom, including:

  • Call buttons and pagers.
  • Door sensors.
  • Motion (PIR) sensors.
  • Bed and chair sensors.
  • Home monitor (the logger) with SMS alerts.

Tom Dwyer, director at Frequency Precision said “This is a very exciting step for us. By working together, we can offer older people  and their carers with a truly holistic service, combining our expertise in sensor technology with Fortuna’s expertise in mobility products and accessories”.


You can visit Fortuna at:
Fortuna Mobility Centre
Northgate Business Centre
Crown Road
Telephone: 020 8505 2020.