Sensors and pressure mats to monitor those in care.
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3 Little-known Benefits of Smart Pressure Sensing Floor Mats

Looking to buy floor pressure mat alarm and sensor for your patients? Read on to learn more about these little known benefits of smart pressure sensing floor mats.

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Importance Of Call Bell Systems In Nursing Homes

Inefficiency and unresponsiveness are two most common criticisms nursing homes receive. Nurseries can alleviate these problems through the use of a modern portable call bell system.

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How To Make Your Bathroom Safe For The Elderly

A bathroom can be a dangerous place for older people, especially those who are quite weak or have different medical conditions. Here are the best ways to make your bathroom safe for the elderly.

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3 Solutions For Seizure Prevention and Aftercare

Seizures can be hard to deal with. Luckily, new ways of prevention and aftercare treatments and care assist devices are available to help you manage symptoms of epileptic seizures.

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Benefits of Portable Nurse Call System In Psychiatric Hospitals

Elderly care nursecall

Some patients may lash out or exhibit aggressive behavior that is harmful to themselves, staff, or others visiting the hospital. Learn how portable nurse call system can help manage patients.

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