Sensors and pressure mats to monitor those in care.
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Chair Pressure Mats

Chair pressure mats provide effective, reliable patient monitoring. Designed to activate an alert when an individual tries to stand or significantly shift their weight from the chair, these pressure sensor mats are ideal for elderly patients, dementia patients or those with learning difficulties. Designed to considerably reduce the risk of wandering and injuries caused by falls, our chair pressure mats are recommended for care and clinical environments.

Receive an alert when someone gets out of a chair 

  • Maintains dignity - the carer is alerted discretely using the linked pager or nurse call system. The chair mat itself doesn't make a noise. 
  • Comfortable - the chair pad can be placed above or below a seat cushion. It is filled with a flame retardant foam and is 3cm thick. 
  • Non-restrictive - no noises around the chair itself means that the resident is able to get up without confusion or distress, while also alerting carers.
  • Long-lasting - the chair mat contains nothing but a layer of foam, with a protective outer skin. 
  • Flexible - chair pad can also be placed against the back of a chair, to alert a carer as the resident leans forward, before they actually stand up.  

    Compatible with almost any nurse call system. 

    How do chair pressure mats work?

    The chair pressure mat works in conjunction with an alarm monitor that alerts carers when a patient moves or attempts to get out of a chair. Especially beneficial for low activity patients, the alarm is triggered when their body weight is lifted from the sensor pad. Unlike other chair pressure mats, our Airlert system is suitable for use with all chairs and wheelchairs, offering a dignified, effective solution for patient monitoring. All of our mats are incredibly durable and can be placed above or below a seat cushion for optimum comfort.

    To find out more about our chair pressure mats, or to discuss their suitability for your situation, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the team. Alternatively, why not also take a look at our selection of bed pressure mats and floor pressure mats for more high-quality monitoring solutions.



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     Alternatively, a wireless version is available which will send alerts directly to a pager. 


    • Works on all chairs
    • 2-year warranty & 30-day money-back guarantee
    • Mat dimensions: 40cm x 30cm 

    Single wireless chair sensor & pager set (ideal for use at home)

    Multiple wireless chair sensors with text pagers 

    Chair sensors for existing nurse call systems