Wireless Chair Pressure Mats

Reduces falls and wandering by alerting carers to a person getting up from a chair.

Order Code: APMC (chair sensor) / APAG (pager)

The chair leaving sensor mat monitors a change in pressure on the mat as soon as an individual  begins to get out of a chair.  


  • Built to last - traditional sensor mats often need to be replaced every year. This sensor will last for many years and can be reused. It comes with a two year warranty. 
  • Quick to react - the sensor will detect a person as they begin to get out of the chair. 
  • Comfortable - the chair pad can be placed above or below a seat cushion. It is filled with a flame retardant foam. 
  • Discrete - the sensor will activate a pager, avoiding bedside alarms which can cause confusion or distress.
  • Up to 400m wireless range. 
  • Works with all chairs. 
  • Mats are waterproof and hard-wearing. 
  • 2 x AA batteries included.  
  • Multiple sensors can be linked to one or more pagers.
  • 30-day money back guarantee.