Sensors and pressure mats to monitor those in care.
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Epilepsy Alarms

Epilepsy alarm for adults and children

An easy to use, accurate and reliable convulsion sensor for the detection of tonic-clonic seizures (the type that causes the whole body to shake). 

The full sized bed sensor mat is placed underneath mattress and is connected to a control box. Using Airlert technology, the control box detects movements typical of an epileptic seizure. 

There's nothing inside the sensor mat except for air, which means the epilepsy alarm will work with all beds - including hospital profiling beds and pressure relieving mattresses.

The sensitivity is adjustable by the user, minimising false alarms. 

A guide to choosing the right sensor




Wireless Home Epilepsy Alarm 

Wireless Epilepsy Alarms for Nursing Homes & Hospitals

Epilepsy Alarms linked to Existing Nurse Call Systems