Wireless Convulsion Sensor Mat & Pager Set

Reliable and accurate bed monitoring alarm for epilepsy

Order Code: AMM-KIT

The convulsion sensor mat is placed underneath the bed mattress and will detect the movements typical of a seizure in bed.

Customer Reviews

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Janet Nelmes
Very easy to use

This is the best epilepsy alarm mat that I've come across. It took a few minutes to get the settings right, but it was far easier previous ones I've used. Very helpful customer service and fast delivery.

Easy to use and hardly any false alarms

Very good product. Was simple to set up and we don't get many false alarms, seems pretty accurate in picking up fits

Great product which is simple to use

I contacted Frequency Precision for advice about the best epilepsy alarm for my son. They were very helpful and our order arrived the following day. What I like about this product is its simplicity - its possible to adjust the sensitivity so that we've had very few false alarms. Thank you!

Product Description

Ideal for use in family, care home and hospital environments. 

The linked bleeper pager can be carried by a carer and will bleep, flash and vibrate when the convulsion sensor mat is activated.


  • The pressure mat is placed underneath the mattress and is connected to a battery powered control box:

  • When an individual experiences the movements caused by a generalised tonic-clonic (whole body shaking) seizure, the control box will send a message to the pager. 
  • The sensitivity of the mat can be adjusted using a simple dial. 

Bleeper Pager

  • Receive alerts within a range of up to 400m. 
  • Vibrates, flashes and beeps for up to 90 seconds (can be stopped sooner by pressing a button on the pager).
  • Loud enough to wake you from sleep (80dB at 10m)

More details

  • Pressure mat works underneath all mattresses (including pressure relieving airflow mattresses).
  • Size of mat: 198cm x 63cm. 
  • Batteries included. 
  • No technical knowledge is required to use this product. 


"We have ordered several products from Frequency Precision for the people we support, mostly their convulsion sensors. These have worked brilliantly, easy to set up and use, easy to clean, and robust enough to be moved, taken on holidays etc. It's a great product and I would highly recommend it and will certainly be ordering from them in the future" 

Amanda Nicholas - Assistive Technology Coordinator, Community Lives Consortium 

As an assessor and provider of Assisted Technology for many years I've yet to see a sensor that provides 100% reliability in detecting an Epileptic episode. This sensor, however, is by far the best we have used, and continue to use, in providing care and support in the community to our clients. it also gives a level of support and peace of mind to family and carers.

Paul Grimsley - Independent Life Solutions

Wireless Convulsion Sensor Instructions & Specification 

Bleeper Pager Instructions & Specification