Wireless Motion Sensors

An infrared motion sensor alerting to movement.

Order Code: APIR (wireless motion sensor) / APAG (pager)


  • One year battery life.
  • 400m range.
  • Impact resistant plastic casing, protective rubber boot & wall mounting plate supplied.
  • 30-second timer starts after activation, allowing the carer to exit room.
  • Each motion sensor can be programmed to display a unique message on the text pager, e.g. "room 1" - simply add a note at the checkout with your required message.
  • Motion sensor contains an accessory socket for a wired call bell or floor pressure mat. 

Customer Reviews

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Kate Ritchie
Superb Customer Service, eay to install/use product

This is a simple but effective sensor, easy to install and the pager was programmed to our specifications for alerts. Very satisfied and highly recommend.

Product Description

The PIR Motion sensor is a small battery-powered sensor that can be positioned in a variety of ways to alert to movement through a doorway, corridor, next to a bed or over a wider area. Any number of motions sensors can be linked to one or more text pagers. 



The sensor works using the same infrared technology as the systems used to turn on outdoor lighting. The sensor is positioned pointing towards the area where motion detection is required. The sensor can be positioned on a wardrobe or wall pointing towards the area next to the bed. 

By adjusting the eyelids over the sensor it is possible to steer the sensor’s beam so that it only detects over a certain area. The sensor can work in both darkness and light.




    The ‘eye’ has two eyelids which move to steer the angle of the detection beam. They can be rotated to give a very tight angle or opened up to give a very wide detection field. By choosing the right position for the sensor and setting the angle, any detection setup is possible.