Sensors and pressure mats to monitor those in care.
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Patient Motion Sensor

A patient movement sensor provides a safe, dependable care solution for residential, clinical and home care environments. The PIR motion sensor is a small battery-powered sensor that will detect when a person gets out of bed or walks through a doorway. Ideal for restless patients, dementia patients and the elderly, it immediately detects attempts to leave the bed or room.

Using infrared technology, the patient movement sensor can be placed at the bedside or in the doorway. The battery-powered motion sensor will then alert staff to any movement in the room by activating the nurse call system

Compatible with almost any nurse call system, including:

    • Medicare
    • Courtney-Thorne
    • Aidcall
    • C-Tec
    • Intercall
    • Quantec 


Wireless motion sensors linked to a pager are also available.