Sensors and pressure mats to monitor those in care.
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Nurse Call Pagers

At Frequency Precision, we offer a wide range of flexible care solutions, including nurse call pagers. Used to deliver effective, efficient care in both residential and clinical settings, they’re also integral to staff coordination in any healthcare environment. 

Our nurse call pagers and caregiver pages provide a cost-effective way of staying in touch with medical and nursing staff, with a range of features that ensure the provision of care at the highest standard. Designed to work seamlessly with wireless nurse call systems, whether they’re integrated into an existing system or used as a stand-alone system, it’s ideal for environments where freedom of movement is integral. The current range of nurse call pagers includes both text and bleeper caregiver pagers as well as wireless equipment to enhance your setup. 

Reliable, long-range pagers for use with any of our wireless sensors 

  • The bleeper pager is designed for simplicity of use with just one button. It will bleep, flash and vibrate when an alert is received. 
  • The text pager will display a message to say which sensor has been activated. It comes with a protective rubber boot and lanyard. 

Technical details

Protocol: POCSAG

Frequency: 433.92MHz