3 Care Alert Devices That Can Be Helpful For Bedridden Patients

Installing a care alert system or care alert devices can be a smart move in caring for a bedridden patient. This way you can be ready in case of emergencies. A good system or alert device has to make it easy for your patient to ask for help or to help themselves while they’re alone. This way you’ll have some peace of mind to do chores and grocery runs in and out of the house.

While the market is saturated with many care alert products but the most ideal is the one that’ll help your patient ask for help without getting out of bed. Here are our top picks that can help you take care of your bedridden patient:

Wireless Bedside Nurse Call Point

If you’re a home carer or running a care facility, a wireless bedside nurse call point can make it easy for a bedridden patient to ask for help. The device should be waterproof and easy to operate. It should also be portable so that it can be taken to the bathroom or elsewhere.

a wireless Airlert-based bedside nurse call point

Automatic Fall Sensors

It can be an incredibly scary thought that your loved one fell off the bed, sustained a head injury, and bled out profusely. It can be difficult to prevent fall injuries, but you can prevent further injuries from falls by taking the proper safety precautions and using care alert devices. A pressure-sensitive mat or a bed leaving alarm can alert you if they left the bed or are lying on the floor. This way, you can get to them in time before they sustain any further injuries.

Front Door Alarm Sensors

If you take care of dementia patients at home or in a nursing facility, having a door sensor can help you out. A door sensor will let you know if a front door has been opened by your elderly at any time of the day. Because in dementia, you must have noticed that they have difficulty recognizing familiar places. So they become at risk of getting lost or left to wander unescorted. So, a front door sensor will not only provide you extra home security but also help you discretely monitor your elderly loved one’s movements.

an elderly man wearing dark pants and holding a colourful ball

Buy The One Of Best Care Alert Devices For Your Elderly Patients

Now that you know what care devices will suit your patients and elderly individuals, you can pick out the best devices to create your response system at home.

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