5 Reasons Why Fall Detection in Assistive Care Products Are Beneficial

Anyone living with one or more senior citizens in the U.K. knows that they are particularly vulnerable to falls.

Let’s have a look at some important reasons why fall detection in assistive care products are beneficial for seniors.

1. Fall Detection Is Accurate

When an individual cannot reach the pendant or press the button, a fall detection device performs flawlessly and works without any intervention. It is important to ensure that the device you choose has high accuracy to reduce false alarms. You can find highly accurate automatic fall sensors and bed alarms for the elderly at Frequency Precision.

2. Fall Detection Has Quick response Time

The first thing a person in distress needs after a fall is access to help right away. Smart wireless bed sensor pads and elderly monitoring systems give users security by automatically placing a call for help to the monitoring centre and sending mobile phone alerts when it detects a fall, even if the user is unconscious and unable to press their button.

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3. Fall Detection Knows When You Need Help

In case your loved one experiences a serious fall leaving them incapacitated, being able to call for help is crucial until someone finds them. Fall detection as a part of assistive systems allows them to get help as soon as possible.

Some people are also concerned about false alarms with fall detection in assistive care and alert systems. While this is a possibility, it should never stop you from investing in this system.

Even if there is one false alarm for every 100 falls detected, it is worth it to have that system in place since it can save lives even just once!

4. Fall Detection Offers Peace of Mind

If you have elderly parents or grandparents who live alone, knowing that they have added protection from falls and other emergencies will give you peace of mind.

5. Fall Detection Saves Lives

An immediate response to a fall can mean the difference between life and death. Without an alert system, the person may not be able to call for help themselves or may be unable to reach their phone. When time is of the essence, you need a smart fall detection system to save lives.

If you've ever struggled with an ageing parent or loved one and their fall risk, you know how stressful it can be.

Avoid constantly feeling worried about their safety by getting safety products from Frequency Precision.

Instead of getting frustrated over what feels like an impossible situation, buy our fall detection assistive cares ystems at an affordable price that can make all of the difference in the world.

These include smart pressure sensing floor mats, wireless bed pressure mat alarms, epilepsy monitors, toilet alarms, and motion sensors.

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