Benefits of Portable Nurse Call System In Psychiatric Hospitals

The portable nurse call system is becoming themost used form of communication in hospitals, particularly psychiatric units. 

Psychiatric nurses must move around frequently, and theportable nurse call system ensures immediate medical help is available whenever needed.

With thenurse call system installed, there would beinstant nurse call buttons at every ward location, nurse station, and other patient room locations for nurses to instantly respond to a patient's needs.

Patients are given a portable unit, usually worn on the neck, which alerts nurses when assistance is required in a programmed manner.

Portable nurse call systemsin psychiatric hospitals are available with one- or two-way voice, which is particularly helpful for patients who need reminders about their treatments, medical emergencies like falls and seizures, or for nurses to let them know when other patients are ready to visit them.

Here are some benefits of installing aportable nurse call system:

1. Improves Patient Safety

Safety is one of the biggest concerns in any hospital setting, and it’s especially important for psychiatric facilities where patients are often at risk of harming themselves or others around them. 

Portable nurse call systems improve patient safety by providing an easy way for patients to alert staff when they need help or feel unsafe in their surroundings. Providing timely assistance to patients when they need it most is essential for ensuring their comfort and well-being. 

By responding quickly to requests for help, caregivers ensure that patients feel supported,which can reduce their anxiety levels and improve the overall patient experience.

2. Reduces Burden on the Staff

Portable nurse call systems can help decrease the burden on your staff by ensuring that they don't have to constantly be on alert for patient distress calls. Instead, patients will be able to press a button on their devices to alert nurses that they need assistance. This allows nurses to focus their attention on other tasks while still being able to respond quickly when patients need them most.

patient in a wheelchair entering a psychiatric ward

3. Helps Effectively Deal With Emergency Situations

One of the tasks of the staff in a psychiatric hospital is to ensure patients remain calm and docile. 

But there can be times when a patient becomes unruly and threatens other patients or hospital personnel. There can also be situations where they experience seizures or panic attacks.

While this is not always the case, it does happen—and when it does, the situation must be resolved as quickly and safely as possible.

Anurse call bell system allows staff to send alerts to one another throughout the facility so that appropriate action can be taken in response to an emergency. Since all employees are connected through the system, they can keep each other updated on what’s happening and where it’s happening—and because this technology communicates via text message, pager alerts, and led display alerts, everyone receives these updates almost instantly.

Why Choose Us?

Portable nurse call systems are especially beneficial for psychiatric hospitals, where staff members often need quick access to information about their patients' behaviors and whereabouts. 

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