Everything You Need To Know About Nursing Home Alert Trackers

As of 2022, the 65+ population in the UK represents 19% of the total population, and this number is steadily rising. The rising population statistics lead to increased costs and the need for more healthcare facilities due to the chronic conditions and frailty affecting older individuals. As most people prefer to age in their own homes, the development of in-home care assist devices plays an active role in helping elderly citizens stay independent and healthy.

However, with degenerative dementia conditions, many seek long-term care at dementia care facilities. With the advent and widely accepted integration of technology in nursing care facilities, care assist systems are actively used in nursing homes to track alerts and improve patient care quality.

So, here’s a detailed guide on how nursing home alert trackers can help your facility:

What You Need To Know About A Nursing Home Alert System

A nursing home alert system is an easy-to-use, portable alert tracking system that connects to other care assist devices in your care facility. Before you get one for your nursing home, check and ensure its compatibility with your care assit devices, installation procedure and other requirements.

It should be able to connect to various alert devices like wireless chair sensors, bed sensors, floor pressure mats, wireless call points and call bells, etc. and send an alert to the alert tracker and the attendant’s pager so they can rush to assist. This alert tracker should also maintain an online log of all the emergencies along with the data on the room number or patient, the device that went off, and who was allocated to respond to the emergency.


a nursing home alert tracking system

Devices In Connectivity

Nurse call systems are used to reduce the burden on staff, reduce false-positive alerts, increase patient well-being and optimize the response time for an emergency. Let us take a look at the role of a nursing home alert tracker in correspondence with a specific device:

Chair Pressure Mat For Nurse Call Systems

Chair pressure mats or chair leaving alarm devices are used to track if an elderly patient has left the chair and has not returned after some time. This indicates that the patient is either wandering the corridors unescorted or has fallen off the chair. If the patient has cognitive impairment due to a condition like dementia, they might not be able to articulate the call for help if they need assistance.

Therefore, the sensor in the chair pressure mat will send an alert to the nurse call system alert tracker and the monitoring attendant will page an attendant on duty to go and assist the elderly to prevent further injuries from falls or help them return to their room if found walking in corridors.


a chair pressure mat with a sensor and a bleeper

Bed Alarms For Dementia Patients

If you have elderly patients who are at a higher risk of falling and getting fall injuries, a bed leaving alarm sensor can be a discrete option to monitor their well-being. It can be difficult for elderly patients in nursing homes to exert their independence and have privacy for the most mundane tasks. And due to their degenerative condition, elderly adults begin to rely more and more on the attendants in your facility.

To improve their quality of life and maintain their dignity, care assit devices like bed alarms give elderlies privacy and space in their room while they rest. And if they try to leave their beds without assistance sometime in the night and incur a fall injury without being able to call for help, the bed sensor will notify the nursing home alert tracker that the elderly has not returned to bed.

This will help your attendants on duty to optimize their response time and availability and effectively help the patients in need.


a bed pressure mattress with a sensor

Pressure Sensing Floor Mats

One of the other devices you can connect with the nursing home alert tracker is the pressure-sensitive alarm mat. They can be used for fall detection or movement detection near front doors for keeping track of wandering dementia patients.

Most pressure-sensitive mats in the market have an ordinary looking top-cover. This helps them blend in with the other furnishings in the bedroom and mats used for front entry doors. If you’re using them for fall detection purposes, the Airlert pressure sensor in the mat will send an alert to the alert tracker in the nursing home as soon the elderly put pressure on the mat. This device plays a critical role when the elderly fall unconscious as a result of fall injuries.

a pressure sensitive floor mat with a pager and a sensor

Get Affordable And Reliable Alert Tracker For Your Nursing Home At Frequency Precision

Alert trackers are one of the best tools to optimize your attendants and their response time for emergencies. This will also give your elderly patients peace of mind that they can ask for assistance in case of emergencies even if they aren’t able to call out for help. However, this is only possible with proper education for your staff and your elderly patients so they can understand the procedure and respond accordingly.

If you’re looking for an affordable and reliable alert tracker for your nursing home, Frequency Precision has just the model for you. Our alert tracker can connect with any wireless care assist device capable of sending a signal and is compatible with the Airlert system. You can check the range of devices that can be connected to the alert tracker and integrate them into your response and safety plan for your patients.

You can also get in touch with us to learn more about the installation procedure and our care assist devices like wireless convulsion sensor mats, wireless bedside nurse call points, etc.