Sensors and pressure mats to monitor those in care.
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Implementing Insomnia Preventative Devices For In-House Elderly Care

bed alarms Elderly care floor pressure mats

People suffering from sleep disorders can find relief with these insomnia preventative devices like bed occupancy sensors, pressure sensing floor mats and medical alert systems.

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The Top 3 Risks of Not Using Bed Alarms for Elderly Care

bed alarms bed pressure mat dementia care

As the population ages, the number of people looking for bed alarms for elderly care continues to grow. Bed alarms for elderly care are an essential safety tool to help seniors feel secure and independent. They can greatly reduce accidents and loneliness. It can also improve the likelihood of caregivers attending to older adults in time before serious health issues arise. However, many seniors do not have bed alarms, putting them at risk of falls. In fact, falls represent the number one cause of accidental death in seniors over age 65, accounting for about 20% of them. To find out...

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