Sensors and pressure mats to monitor those in care.
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The Top 3 Risks of Not Using Bed Alarms for Elderly Care

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As the population ages, the number of people looking for bed alarms for elderly care continues to grow. Bed alarms for elderly care are an essential safety tool to help seniors feel secure and independent. They can greatly reduce accidents and loneliness. It can also improve the likelihood of caregivers attending to older adults in time before serious health issues arise. However, many seniors do not have bed alarms, putting them at risk of falls. In fact, falls represent the number one cause of accidental death in seniors over age 65, accounting for about 20% of them. To find out...

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A Nurse's Guide To Taking Care Of Residents With Dementia

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Did you know that 1 out of every 14 people over 65 in the United Kingdom has Alzheimer's or another form of dementia? The Alzheimer's Society reports that more than half a million Americans under age 65 have younger-onset dementia. Among those affected, 59 percent are women. Taking care of patients with dementia can sound like a daunting task to you as a nurse, as they often require a lot of attention and assistance. While there’s no treatment to cure this disease, prevent it, or eliminate symptoms, there are actions you can take to look after dementia patients better. 1. Perform a safety check...

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Using technology to support our customers

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The use of online conferencing platforms during the Covid-19 pandemic has transformed how we are able to interact with our customers. Ironically, we have for the first time seen the faces of customers who we have only previously interacted with by telephone!

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As a solution focussed company, we are always happy to signpost our customers to any product that we feel would be useful to them, even if we don't sell it ourselves. We are committed to developing products that are easy to use to allow those without technical skills to benefit from technology.  myhomehelper is a useful product created by Kevin Marsch, to help him care for his mother who was diagnosed with vascular dementia.  The product is a small tablet that can be managed remotely. Controlled through a secure online platform, it has a number of useful features including a calendar clock,...

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