What are Nursing Home Alert Trackers?

As the population ages, the number of people with dementia is likely to increase as well, placing an additional burden on caregivers and family members. Nursing homes provide an essential care option to individuals who can no longer live at home. They offer residents round-the-clock care and supervision and access to health professionals and social activities. They also provide a safe and secure environment for those at risk of wandering or becoming confused.

What Are Nursing Home Alert Trackers?

Nursing home alert trackers are care assist devices used in nursing homes. They are designed to help caregivers keep track of their patients' whereabouts and alert them in the event of a fall.

The device communicates with a base station in the nursing home. If a patient falls, the device sends an alarm to the base station, notifying the caregiver. Nursing home alert trackers can help caregivers prevent falls and provide early intervention if a fall does occur.

How Do Nursing Home Alert Trackers Work?

Nursing home alert trackers are becoming increasingly popular as a way to keep elderly patients safe. The device is attached to a patient's clothing or bed and sends out an alert to the caregiver's phone in case of emergencies.

While these devices effectively reduce falls, there are some things that caregivers need to be aware of when using them. First, you must ensure the tracker is fitted correctly to the patient's clothing or bed. If it is not snugly attached, it may not work correctly in the event of a fall.

Second, caregivers should always carry their phones with them when caring for patients wearing trackers. This helps ensure they receive an alarm during an emergency. Finally, caregivers should be aware of the limitations of nursing home alert trackers.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Nursing Home Alert Tracker?

One in three people over the age of 65 will fall each year, and 20% of those falls will result in a severe injury such as a broken bone. For seniors living in nursing homes, the risk of falling is even greater; experts estimate that residents are two to three times more likely to fall than those living in their own homes.

A Nursing Home Alert Tracker can help reduce the risk of falls and injuries among nursing home residents. How? By providing staff with real-time information on when and where residents are moving around the facility. This helps staff be more proactive in keeping residents safe.

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Frequency Precision has created a valuable tool for nursing homes with their Alert tracker System. The Alert tracker helps ensure that residents receive the best possible care by improving communication and coordination among staff. The system offers a variety of features that can help improve the quality of care for residents.

Nursing homes interested in using the system should visit the Frequency Precision website to learn more.