Sensors and pressure mats to monitor those in care.
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Door Sensors

Door sensors are an effective way to monitor patients or elderly people, reducing the risk of wandering and falls. Our door opening alarms connect to a pager system, alerting carers when the sensor detects that the door is opening.

Discrete, wireless door sensors will alert carers when a door is opened. 

The door alarm is designed to prevent wandering and is suitable for carers of those with dementia or learning disabilities. 

Monitor a single door

Monitor multiple doors

Wireless interface for nurse call systems

Door Sensors with Mobile phone alerts

How do door sensors work?

Easy to fit and incredibly reliable, users simply place the transmitter and magnetic contact on the door frame. When the door opens, the transmitter detects this and alerts the pager; there is also a ‘night only’ function if this is what is required. Our door sensors are incredibly versatile and can also be used on windows, reducing the risk of serious injuries caused by falls.

Ideal for home carers, care homes and clinical environments, door sensors provide peace of mind to carers and patients alike. As well as monitoring whether someone is leaving the room, they also add an additional layer of security by alerting the carer if someone has entered an area that they shouldn’t be.

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