Sensors and pressure mats to monitor those in care.
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Toilet Alarms

A toilet alarm is a critical element of patient care, providing a safe environment for patients and the elderly in the home or a clinical setting. A disabled toilet alarm system is designed to alert caregivers if an emergency arises or if assistance is needed in the bathroom. All of the disabled toilet alarms and alarm systems available at Frequency Precision are manufactured in accordance with current directives and are wireless for enhanced flexibility. 

What is included in an accessible toilet alarm kit?

A typical disabled toilet alarm system is comprised of a red ceiling pull cord, a reset button that contains an integrated sounder and an external alert indicator with an alarm. A pager can be added to the system and will activate up to 200 meters away if the toilet alarm is activated. A base station can also be added to allow alerts to be received on a mobile phone app. 

Our toilet alarms are easy to install and suitable for all toilets and bathrooms.