3 Ways Assistive Care Devices Can Help Prevent Further Fall Injuries

If you’re a home caregiver who’s concerned about the well-being of their elderly loved ones, you’ve come to the right place. Being a home caregiver is a lot of pressure because you’re responsible for the entire household, your elderly loved one, and a full-time job if you have one. Managing all three can become overwhelming in the long run.

However, with assistive care devices, you can manage all your responsibilities and give your elderly loved ones the attention they need at the same time. Here are some assistive care devices that can help prevent further injuries from falls:

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Bed Sensors For Dementia Patients And Elderly Loved Ones

Dementia is a degenerative condition in which elderly loved ones lose cognitive abilities. This can cause memory loss, wandering tendencies, confusion, and agitation in their disposition. So, if your loved one is dealing with dementia, they can develop wandering tendencies down the road that can cause them to wander.

So, to limit their movement at night, you can use bed sensors to discretely monitor when they leave their bed and don’t come back. This is because they’ll often forget why they’re even out of bed and hours will pass this way, making them tired and agitated. So, you can be alerted when they get out of bed through a pager. You can sit with them and speak with them to calm them down and get them back into bed to rest.

So, they’ll be safe from wandering around the house and outside on the property unsupervised and it’ll also prevent them from sustaining any injuries due to a fall in an unfamiliar area.

Chair Pressure Mats For Nursing Homes And At-Home Care

You need to understand that assistive care devices cannot prevent fall injuries themselves. However, they can help reduce the risk of injuries and help provide a quick response in case of a fall and prevent exacerbating the sustained fall injuries. And in this case, the chair pressure mats for disabled, elderly patients are one of the best options.

These are best when your elderly patient is independent enough to move around the property. However, in case of an emergency or fall, this device can alert you if your elderly has left the chair and hasn’t returned to it in a while.

Wired Floor Alarm Pressure Mats For Fall Detection

Moreover, if you’re looking for a device that can elicit an immediate response on fall detection, the wired floor alarm pressure mat will help you out. This can be placed at the bedside to detect falls. The device will transmit the alert signal to your pager when it detects pressure on the mat. This is a quick response system that can help you get to your loved one quicker.

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Get One Of The Best Automatic Fall Sensors For Elderly Patients At Frequency Precision

Now that you know how assistive care devices can help reduce the risk of falls and help with fall detection, you can make your loved ones’ lives safer by ordering one. You can check out our collection of assistive care devices like wireless convulsion sensor mats, wireless window and door alarms, and pressure sensitive alarm mats at our online store at Frequency Precision.

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