How Can Toilet Alarms Keep the Elderly Safe

Personal alarm systems are one of the best ways to help the elderly experiencing mobility issues, some form of dementia, or Alzheimer’s disease. These alarm systems were developed to help individuals feel safer when they’re moving around without assistance.

Toilet alarms can be very beneficial to making an environment safer, whether in a clinical setting or at home.

Here are all the reasons you need to invest in fall sensors and toilet alarms now.

What is a Toilet Alarm?

A toilet alarm is a critical component of patient care, especially in a facility for elderly patients. These assistive devices can be used in case of an emergency when the patient loses their balance and falls.

These devices come with a button attached near the toilet along with a wireless pulling cord and an integrated sounder that can be activated with the cord or the button. This device also includes an external alert indicator that can be connected to a nurse alert system or a mobile phone application so a family member or an attendant can be instantly notified.

Toilet alarms are very simple to use and easy to install.

Enhanced Care

When an individual begins to experience signs of limited mobility, they might develop a fear of falling. This can be minimized by a toilet alarm since they can instantly alert their caregivers or attendants in case of an emergency.

The toilet alarm must be implemented properly, so the cord or the button is right within the individual’s reach.

Improved Quality of Life

Elderly people who rely on their attendants or caregivers for assistance while moving around will feel more independent with toilet alarms. This is because they know if anything were to happen, all they have to do is ring the alarm and they will have someone come to their aid.

Unassisted Showering

With a toilet alarm, elderly people can easily shower without any assistance and carry on with their daily routine. This even reduces the burden on the caregiver while giving the elderly individual more independence.

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Toilet alarm with cords

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