How Bed Alarms Have Revolutionised Elderly Care

As children, there’s nothing more important to us than our parent’s well-being, and this feeling goes both ways. As they age and we grow older, the tables turn, and they become dependent on us as we were once dependent on them. This is the perfect time to show how much we care about them and spend time with them like we used to do.

Therefore, revolutionary care assist devices are playing a tremendous role as a discrete monitoring system for the elderly and assisting home carers. One of these revolutionary devices is bed alarms. Let’s learn how they’re influencing patient care:

Bed Alarms For Dementia Patients

Dementia is a degenerative mental condition that manifests way before you can notice its symptoms, like memory loss. It is manageable with treatments and medication, but it cannot be prevented or cured as of yet. If your elderly loved one is showing signs of dementia or has been diagnosed, as the disease progresses, they’ll come to rely on you more for the most basic of tasks.

Dementia patients with Lewy-body variant tend to wander and experience hallucinations. This can be incredibly distressing for them and can cause them to get out of bed in the middle of the night and even leave the home. So, if you’re not on-premises or sleeping, you’ll have no way of knowing. However, with a bed alarm, you’ll get an alert through its sensor system that your elderly has left the bed and hasn’t returned for some time. This way, you can quickly go and assist.

Bed Alarms For Elderly Care

If you’ve got a patient who is in danger of falling from the bed and aren’t able to get up on their own, bed alarms are a discrete device that you can place under the mattress to monitor your elderly loved one’s movements when you’re not physically present in their company. So, even if they have visitors, the device is concealed and maintains their dignity.

a patient in a hospital bed

Different Types Of Hospital Bed Alarms

Hospitals today use a variety of bed alarms depending upon the alert systems they need. Some bed alarms are connected to the nurse’s call system, and some to doctor’s pagers or nurses on call. This helps in making sure that if patients have fallen out of bed and have injured themselves in a private room, they can get the help they need. Otherwise, they would lie in agony due to their fall injuries until the attendant on call comes to check up on them.

a bed sensor

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