How Can Nurse Call Systems Assist With Patient Care?

If you’re looking to upgrade your nursing facility with a new nurse call system, we’ve got some suggestions for you. Nurse call systems can improve the quality of patient care in your facility and increase work efficiency in a variety of ways, one of which is reducing response time. With a good system in place, you’ll be able to drive patient satisfaction and the overall reputation of your nursing facility.

Here’s how a nurse call system can assist with patient care:

Wireless Bedside Nurse Call Points

There are different components to a nurse call system that uses different devices to call nurses to the patient’s bedside. One of these components is the wireless nurse call point. This device can be placed on the side of the bed or mounted on the wall to call a nurse for assistance. They have a robust casing and protective rubber that makes them impervious to damage. It can be easily installed with a nurse call system. Once you press this button, it sends an alert to the relay station that receives signals with a care assist products. This way, an attendant can quickly get to the patient and see what’s happening.

a doctor and nurse treating a patient

Emergency Call Bell In Hospitals

A call bell can also be attached to a nurse call system that patients can use to call a nurse in case of emergency or assistance. This bell tells the nurse, “I need you”. These can increase efficiency and attendant allocation in a hospital. Also, this makes it easier for the patient to have some privacy and call on the nurse when needed.

Care Assist Devices Connected To Nurse Call Systems

One of the biggest advantages of a nurse call system is the range of care assist devices that can be connected and used to monitor and help with patient care. Like chair pressure mats for nurse call systems can easily help patients independently roam about in space, with a sensor that can alert the nurse call system in case they fall out of their wheelchair.

These devices are also great for nursing homes where the elderly like to spend some time in the garden or move about in their wheelchair. This device makes it safer for them to be on their own because it’ll send an alert when they leave their chair, i.e. they fall out of it.

 a nurse call system

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Now that you know how a nurse call system and its different calling components can help you with response time and efficiency, you can make a positive change in your facility.

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