How Can Floor Pressure Mats Keep The Elderly Safe

 As a caretaker, you want to make sure that you cover all the bases for safety to ensure your elderly’s well-being. With your elderly needing more care, they wish to remain in their homes for as long as possible. As an in-home caretaker, you can use different care alert devices to prioritize their safety while maintaining their privacy.

So, here’s how floor pressure mats, a care alert device, can help keep your elderly safe:

They Can Prevent Injuries From Falling

If your elderly is now developing mobility issues with the risk of falling from the bed without assistance, installing a floor pressure mat by their bed can make a huge difference. Can you imagine your loved one passed out on the floor with a concussion and a bleeding head from the fall? They could have brain haemorrhage or worse. In a state of unconsciousness, they cannot call out for help. You could be doing the laundry or stepping out of the house for a second and missing the fall noise.

Anything can happen; that’s why it’s important to limit the risks and chances and level up your monitoring game. And this is why a wireless pressure mat alarm is the perfect device for the job.

an elderly couple holding children

They’re One Of The Best Automatic Fall Sensors For The Elderly

If you need a care alert device that’ll let you know as soon as your elderly is in danger after having a fall, then this one is for you. You can choose different alert systems that come with an alarm, a phone alert system, or a pager system. They can also be installed on the care facility's bedsides. This can help you discretely monitor your loved ones without invading too much of their privacy as well.

Maintain Dignity With Discrete Monitoring

A floor alarm mat looks like any normal mat, but this one is connected to a wire with a sensor. Since your elderly is attached to their home environment, they would not want to give this up to go live in a care facility for anything. It’s a matter of pride and honour. Since it's their space and age, they can get quite stubborn, and it can get a little difficult to intrude on their private space all the time. So, with this device, you both will have peace of mind that if anything bad happens, you’ll be there to help your loved one out.

a wired floor pressure mat alarm

Get Wired Floor Pressure Alarm Mat With Frequency Precision

Now that you know how you can use the pressure mat alarm, check out our other variety of care alert devices in our product collections.

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