The Airlert bed leaving sensor for Nursecall Systems: A Practical Setup Guide

We thought that it might be useful to outline exactly what's involved with a typical setup of an Airlert bed leaving sensor when used with a nurse call system. Feel free to add your comments or experiences by leaving a comment at the end of the post. 

The Airlert bed leaving sensor is a robust and easy to use fall prevention device. It is easy to install in a few simple steps:


1. Your mat will be sent to you rolled up, with roughly 2 m of black tubing, a protective cover and 2 sets of instructions (“Instructions Bed Pressure Mat – (PMB)” and “Quickstart Guide”). Unroll the mat and let it self-inflate for 15 to 20 minutes.


2. You will also find a control box, 2 x AA batteries, and a lead. 

The lead will be sent according to your call nurse call system. If unsure which one you have, please select "I don't know - please find out for me" on when placing your order and we will get in touch to ensure that we send the correct one. 



 3. After 15 to 20 minutes, place the bed mat under the mattress. The Airlert bed sensor mat should be placed underneath the bed mattress. An airflow pressure-relieving mattress can also be used and will not affect the sensor. If you have a larger than single size bed, please contact us for advice. 



 4. Insert the black plastic tubing into the mat. Please make sure it is thoroughly inserted by twisting the tube into the air plug. 



5. The sensor can be secured in place with the sticky pads included. To do this, just stick the velcro adhesives to the back of the sensor and the mounting location (e.g. headboard, side of the bed or wall). 

Alternatively, you can purchase a protective rubber case and rap straps that can be used to secure the sensor to the side of a hospital bed. 



6. Place the batteries inside the control box and connect the other end of the black plastic tubing to the 'bed mat' plug. If the plastic tubing is too long, you can cut it to the required length. 



7. Turn the sensor on, selecting “Bed”.



8. Place the sensor where desired (e.g. headboard, side of the bed, wall).



9. Connect the lead to the sensor box. If you require a longer lead, extension leads are available here.



10. Connect the other end to the nurse call system (pictured connected to a Medicare 6000 system).



11. The bed mat is now ready to use. It will send a momentary signal once someone leaves the bed, triggering your nursecall system.