Step Into Safety: The Benefits of Floor Pressure Mats

When it comes to keeping your vulnerable loved ones safe, pressure sensor mats should not be underestimated in their usefulness. Great for alerting caregivers, pressure sensor pads should be considered for any caregiving needs where a patient monitoring system is required.

Read on to learn everything you need to know about pressure sensor mats. 

Defining Floor Pressure Mats

As useful patient monitoring systems, many caregivers choose to use pressure sensor pads as a way to ensure the safety of their loved ones or patients. 

The mats work by laying across an area near where the patient rests, such as at their bedside, and notifying a caregiver of any movement a patient might make through pressure applied. This means that a caregiver can complete other tasks around the home, without worrying about a patient’s fall going unnoticed.

Pressure sensor pads are reusable and come with an anti-slip base to ensure they won’t cause more damage to a patient who has fallen. There are also various types of floor pressure mats, allowing the caregiver to choose the one that will be most optimal for their care. This includes nurse call systems, as well as pager sets. Wireless mats are also available, preventing tripping hazards. 

Potential Users

While many people may benefit from the use of floor pressure mats, some key demographics are being taken into consideration for their use. Read on to learn three of the most common patients that benefit from pressure sensor pads.

Elderly Patients

As we all grow older, some things become more difficult for many of us in the last years of life. With ageing, we are more likely to suffer from health conditions such as arthritis and poor eye health. This often means we need more assistance with our daily tasks than before, or even require entire bed rest. That’s exactly where floor pressure mats can help. 

Conditions like dementia are particularly challenging for both the patient and their loved ones. The condition causes memory loss and difficulty concentrating, as well as being confused about the time and place. They can also suffer from mood changes, including frustration and anger. When dealing with other mobility issues or health problems, a patient with dementia might forget where they are and that they have an injury. Pressure pads therefore are great for alerting their caregiver and getting them help before any damage to their health can be done. 

Patients with Mobility Issues

Experiencing issues with movement can be difficult at any stage of life, particularly when it becomes serious. Many people with mobility issues need extra care and assistance, which is where a caregiver can be a great help. 

For people who need active help getting from their bed and going to the bathroom, pressure floor mats can be a good idea. They give the person freedom and independence from their caregiver while ensuring that they can get assistance should they need it. 

Patients Recovering From Major Surgery

While major surgery can be beneficial in the long term, the recovery process is often unpleasant. To get the best recovery possible, sometimes bed rest is prescribed. This makes it difficult to complete daily tasks and to care for themselves, which is often where a caregiver can be a great help.

Bed rest can feel particularly frustrating for many patients, but must be adhered to for the best results. For caregivers, floor pressure mats are great medical alert devices, as they can let them know as soon as a patient has fallen or tried to leave their bed. 

Sleepwalking Patients

When in a hospital or other medical facility, a patient who sleepwalks may become a risk to themselves and to other patients. Any medical equipment that is attached to their person may be taken out riskily, causing greater damage to their person and even preventing a proper recovery. 

Often, floor pressure mats are used to alert staff of a patient who sleepwalks leaving their bed. They can inform caregivers that a patient is getting up, without alarming the patient or causing them further distress. Some mats do make noise, so it’s important to make sure the correct mat is used for this purpose.

The Benefits

While many patient monitoring systems are effective, there are a few ways in which floor pressure mats are the superior method. Read on to learn some of the particular benefits of pressure sensor pads. 

Prioritised Patient Safety

When it comes to ensuring patient safety, making sure the right patient monitoring systems are used is essential. Different alarm systems may need to be attached to the patient directly, which can be intrusive and often dangerous, particularly if they can get caught around any wires. Opting for wireless pressure sensor pads is a great way to protect the patient from any serious or further harm, by instantly alerting the relevant people. 

Likewise, the non-slip element of the technology means that any patient who does stand on the mat has less likelihood of falling and injuring themselves. Many sensor pads are available without this advanced design, which puts the patient at risk, so it’s crucial to check the features of a floor pressure mat before purchase.

24/7 Monitoring

Human error is a very easy trap to fall into. Caregivers who work around the clock may find it difficult to stay awake constantly on the job, due to the demanding job description. They could also have issues swapping staff to take breaks, meaning that 24/7 monitoring isn’t consistently met, as hard as they may work.

Pressure sensor mats are a great way to ensure the care provided is constantly at a high quality, without needing to have a caregiver constantly in the patient’s room, monitoring them. Instead, a floor pressure mat will alert the caregiver of an issue, wherever they may be. 

Patient Independence 

Privacy is something to be valued in our society. The choice to spend some time alone without being watched is important to both our mental health and our social abilities. When a patient or person needs the assistance of a caregiver, however, this can often feel much more difficult to obtain. 

With pressure sensor pads, a caregiver need not necessarily be present in the patient’s room all of the time, allowing both parties to get some much-needed space. Independence is important to the recovery process too, allowing the patient to not feel constantly tested or fussed over.


Caregiving equipment can often be very expensive, and difficult to move around. It can also be intrusive for the patient themselves. A great solution, then, is to opt for pressure sensor pads instead. 

Pressure sensor pads come in a variety of shapes and sizes, allowing the caregiver to choose the best mat for their needs. They are also fully reusable when cared for properly, making them a cost-effective solution which still includes innovative technologies and features. 

Real-time Data Collection

Obtaining an overall understanding of a patient’s movements can be tricky, especially without the right equipment. Reliance on medical staff or caregivers leaves room for human error, which doesn’t give an accurate idea of what’s happening and when. Likewise, outdated or old systems may not transmit information correctly, leaving a delay between the patient falling and when a caregiver is notified.

Luckily, pressure sensor floor mats are a great way to solve these issues. There is consistent and constant monitoring happening, as well as real-time data collection. This allows caregivers to be notified of any issues urgently, as well as later being able to get a better sense of when any issues occurred. 

Kinder to The Patient

Physical restraints which are sometimes used in medical facilities can feel dehumanising for patients. It often creates distress, as the patient feels their freedom has been taken away, as well as any uncomfortable chafing that may happen. 

Instead, choosing pressure sensor pads is often a preferable version. These mats should not disturb the patient, or cause any physical or mental distress, providing their alerting system goes elsewhere and is not emitted from the mat itself.

How We Can Help

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